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Our 12 Favorite ’First Time in Japan’ Photos

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Our 12 Favorite ’First Time in Japan’ Photos

Some tourists have a longtime love for Japan, while others may not know much about the country. This makes every person's first time in Japan uniquely special and exciting, regardless of whether you're in bustling Tokyo or the quiet countryside. We've compiled our Top 12 photos from people all over the world visiting Japan for the very first time!

Tokyo Stimulation Overload

We'll start off with a very recent and beautiful photo from Shinygurumi's first time in Japan, where she describes Tokyo as "stimulation overload"—which is about the most accurate description we could think of. It's a stunning photo, especially touching that it's the first morning after arrival. It's every springtime traveler's dream to make it in time for cherry blossom season, and that's just what this first-time traveler got. What a dream!

Tokyo Skytree View

Tokyo Skytree is an absolute must for every tourist and local alike. The top-floor Tembo Galleria view is 450 meters (1,476 ft) high, and it's a breathtaking sight whether it's day or night. Seeing these great shots by Lifestyle_bymelingling makes us partial to the nighttime view, however. It even includes a bonus video!

Baby's First Trip

Many people end up not getting to visit Japan until way later in life, but not this baby! Chrisellecsk and his family enjoyed their first Japan trip with their bundle of joy, snapping this gorgeous photo in the process. The jacket matching the cherry blossoms is just a bonus!

Arashiyama Bamboo

We don't know about you, but this photo taken by Illustrat_ian blows our minds! Using the hashtag #zen is perfect, because that's exactly the feeling we get from this shot. If you ever want to visit a place in Japan to make your troubles seem small, visit Arashiyama in western Kyoto. Or, you know, just look at this photo.

Takeshita's Angel Crepes

Chiapinghsu0209 stumbled upon one of Tokyo's famous crepe shops on Takeshita Street in Harajuku in this gorgous shot. This shop is the background of many Instagram photos, and their crepes have warmed the hearts (and tummies) of many. On top of it having many classic varieties, it also has many combinations you might not think of yourself. We all share in her beaming smile!

Fuji Apple

We know, we know, we're thinking it, too. Is it a Fuji apple? Who knows! But this fun shot of an apple against Mount Fuji taken by Chen_cheeming is definitely something we can take a crisp bite out of. The photo was taken from Lake Kawaguchi, a spot we recommend if you'd like to stop for a scenic picnic, possibly with your Fuji apples.

Fall in Nara

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We've shown you spring, now here's a fall photo taken by Mariasummer! Located in Nara, this scene looks as traditional and natural as they come. The Nara deer are known to roam freely and are quite friendly (if greedy when you have a snack!), making this a very popular tourist destination. This shop looks like it serves a mean traditional snack, too!

Mother's Day in Osaka

What a Mother's Day gift for this happy momma! Shot in the Kuromon Ichiba market street by Vivilovevabbit, this mom and daughter duo seem like they're having a fine ol' time celebrating Mother's Day. If this favorites list has shown us anything, you're never too young or too old for your very first Japan trip!

Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is home to Itshukushima Shrine, where the famous "floating" torii gate is located. This view is one of the famous "Three Views of Japan," and it's found in Hiroshima Prefecture. The gate is said to be the boundary between the spirit and human worlds. Lau_lapislazuli's photo definitely gives off that ethereal, unearthly feeling.

Jet Lag Ramen

This list wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous shot of ramen and takoyaki, provided here by Hayley_eats. Often people get only a week or two of vacation time for Japan, which brings some serious jet lag. That doesn't stop anyone from making the most of their trip and eating their way through it, though. This photo is good enough to slurp, mmm!

Shopping Spoils

Before people even go to Japan, they're often well aware of the plethora of wonderful goodies they can and will buy. This photo showcases the beautiful damage your first Japan trip can do to your wallet—yet at the same time you'll find most of these items are way cheaper than they would be in other countries, especially if you hit the ¥100 shop! Judging by Aivyn's Japan haul, we'd say she had a good time!

Iconic Temple Shot

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Let's end this list on one of the most iconic types of shots in Japan, this particular one taken by Lorenzyatco at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo. Everyone who visits Japan for the first time takes one of these temple gate shots that sum up how beautiful and exciting your trip was! Japan's culture will always be the biggest reason to visit, and we will never tire of seeing these first time in Japan photos, shot in front of traditional temples.