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See, Do & Eat It All in Miyagi Prefecture

Tour Miyagi Tohoku

I’m sure I have mentioned before how Japan is one of my favorite countries. What I enjoy about it so much is the balance of nature, culture and food—with modern and historical streaks mixed through it all. It would be a mistake, though, to think that you find the same balance of the three all across the country. In each part of Japan, you’ll find different nature, different culture and different food. And this unique mix means you’ll always have a distinct experience.

Today I want to tell you about a new region for me: Miyagi Prefecture. It doesn’t get a lot of tourists at the moment but it’s just 90 minutes on the train from Tokyo to Sendai (the capital) and offers everything I’ve come to love about Japan (including a trip on a shinkansen to get there!).

From the natural beauty of a wintry waterfall and the historical reverence of snow-covered temples to the cultural importance of traditional Japanese archery and papermaking, Michael Turtle of Time Travel Turtle experienced it all in just a quick trip to Miyagi. Read all about it at Time Travel Turtle below.

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