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Life-Size R2-D2 is a Moving Refrigerator!

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R2-D2, everyone’s favorite droid from the Star Wars series, has become a 1/1 scale refrigerator! A refrigerator is installed in the body, and in addition to being able to keep drinks chilled, R2-D2 can even move just like in the movies by using the included remote control.!

With an elaborate construction that hits all the details, the fridge is a faithful replica in terms of sound and movement too. Crafted in Japan, the fridge is made to order and comes with a serial number, making it a collectible item grabbing fan attention.

Unfortunately, sales are restricted to Japan, but if you have a friend in Japan who’s a huge Star Wars fan maybe you can tell them about it.!

With the refrigerator function of R2-D2’s body you can keep cans, plastic bottles, and other kinds of drinks cool. Using the remote control, you can freely move R2-D2 front, back, left, and right, as well as turn it. Furthermore, the unit runs on batteries. (The included AC adapter is required to use the refrigeration function. Batteries are only used to power the unit’s movement and projector.)!

Supervised by Lucasfilm Ltd., all of R2-D2’s distinctive details are faithfully recreated on the unit. In addition to its appearance, it can even move like R2-D2, its head can turn left and right, it’s installed with LEDs, and it has sound effects.

A projector is installed in the head, and by using Miracast for Android you can project videos displayed on your device.!

The unit includes an “Emergency Shut-Off Button” for peace of mind (on the head), while a “Proximity Level Sensor” protects the unit from falling down on uneven ground.

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