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5 Most Scrumptious Hotel Buffet Deals in Tokyo

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Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic buffet? In Tokyo, you will be spoiled with choices with all the amazing restaurants and hotels around, with delicacies ranging from Japanese and Western to Chinese food and even sweets. Here are five recommended restaurants located in hotels in Tokyo that you definitely have to consider if you love buffets!

5. A great buffet while appreciating the Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks in Japan today. From the restaurant Musashi located on the 26th floor of Asakusa View Hotel, you can enjoy a marvelous buffet while admiring the Sky Tree! At Musashi, a buffet can be enjoyed all-day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Over 150 varieties of Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed during all three meal times, and they will all be cooked right before your eyes, allowing you not only to enjoy the great food but also the performance-like preparation of the dishes!

The most popular dishes in Musashi are the grilled dishes, with steaks of different flavors and tenderness. You can also choose your own sauce and toppings based on preference. There are fantastic plans such as family plans and alcohol plans available as well, so this is definitely worth checking out if you are traveling together with your family and friends!

4. Coffee Shop Symphony – breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Coffee Shop Symphony is located in the Royal Park Hotel Tokyo and is a restaurant that serves buffet style every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is famous for having a wide variety of dishes with cuisines from all over the world. One of the most famous dishes there is the roasted beef, and the dish changes every month, allowing repeaters to enjoy a different taste each time they visit the restaurant.

Another well-known dish there is the steak served at the lunch buffet – the juicy steak simply cannot be resisted. There are also other Japanese dishes such as udon, as well as desserts including cakes and Japanese sweets, so do check out Coffee Shop Symphony, be it in the morning, afternoon or at night!

3. Everyone love it - Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel is located just one minute from Tokyo Disney Resort Line Bayside Station and is one of the popular hotels amongst those who make a visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort. At the Grand Cafe, you can enjoy a fantastic lunch buffet perfect for both adults and for families with children. The most attractive section of the Grand Cafe is the sweets corner. Here, there are various sweets such as cakes available, and right below it is a shorter, 45 cm tall platform named the “kids buffet corner”. Various sweets such as chocolate are available there, all designed in colorful ways that children love. There are also sweets shaped like the hotel’s original mascot “Penton the Penguin.”

Grand Cafe is also famous for the amazing curry made by “Chef X,” a chef from Thailand who has won various awards. There are spicy curries and sweet curries available, allowing children to enjoy the great ethnic dish as well. The various sweets at Grand Cafe include cakes and honey toast, allowing one to have a complete and perfect buffet meal!

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