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Taste a Candy Cloud in Your Drink

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Kyoto is best known around the world for all its beautifully preserved shrines and temples, but among the traditional landscape, you’ll find a bustling café scene that’s continually pushing the envelope with new and innovative menu items. There’s a new reason to travel to Kyoto, and this time it’s for a special item called the Cloud Drink.

This delightful concoction has been dreamed up by the team at Alpha foods&drink, conveniently located just around the corner from Nijo Castle.

Consisting of a cotton candy cloud held over a cup of tea, looking closely at the clever setup, you can see strands of cotton candy falling into the drink like a shower of rain.

Customers can choose from a variety of base drinks like cold fruit-flavored milks, hot cocoa, coffee, matcha au lait and hot milk tea. The dissipating cloud effect works best with hot drinks, though, as the heat from the beverage slowly dissolves the cotton candy cloud above it, allowing the sugar to fall gently into the liquid.

Customers can also dig into the Pot Plant Dessert. We mean this in the most literal sense since the dessert comes with a cute little shovel for a spoon.

While it clearly looked like a tiny plant growing in a mound of soil, beneath its earthy exterior lay a treasure trove of sweet cream. The combination of whipped cream and chocolate biscuit crumb topping was accented with the flavor of frozen banana. According to the café, the flavor of the pot plant changes seasonally.

The Pot Plant Dessert retails for ¥550 (US$4.82) while the Cloud Drink retails for ¥650. When you order both items together on a weekday, you get ¥100 off the total cost, which is a great incentive to try a taste of earth and sky while in the area!

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