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Hang Glide with a View of Fuji

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What could be more exciting than hang gliding? How about hang gliding with a view of Mount Fuji!

The village of Oshino (忍野村・Oshino-mura) is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, accessible in a little over two hours by bus from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. Abutting against the northeastern slope of Mount Fuji, this village is a prime site for hang gliding!

Not an experienced hang glider? No problem! Check the link below for a tandem course for lifting off with a veteran instructor at Oshino Skysports Club, or a towed flight that's even safe for kids. The tandem course lets you take off from about 360 meters (1,181 ft) above the ground, and fly for 1.8 kilometers (1.1 mi), with roughly five minutes of soaring through the sky!

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