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From Chocolate Wrapper Drab to Totally Fab

| Sweets , Art

In autumn of last year, Japanese confectionery company Meiji released a new product called “THE Chocolate.“ With a focus on using only the highest quality cacao beans from select regions, the premium bean-to-bar sweet was marketed as the “perfect chocolate,“ with each piece inside carefully molded into a variety of patterns.

While the chocolates themselves have become hugely popular, the simple packaging has also won its own legion of fans, with artists everywhere now using the empty space on the chocolate boxes as a canvas for various sketches and designs.

The new craze for transforming these boxes into works of art first began appearing on social media last month. Since then, the trend has grown to the point where there are now thousands of photos online featuring a huge variety of animals, flora and cute and popular characters.

Some artists are choosing to incorporate the decorative cacao bean on the front of the box into their artworks...

... while others prefer to work around it in different ways.