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Trash to Treasure: $3 Knife Really Worth $100!


With a long history of blade-making that stretches back to the time of the samurai, Japan continues to be known as one of the best producers of quality knives. Here to prove that point is a story from Jun, one half of well-known YouTube couple Rachel and Jun, who often shares cooking tips through his YouTube channel Jun’s Kitchen. Jun states he isn't a professional chef, but his culinary skills are a sight to behold!

According to Jun, he recently purchased a rusty old knife from a man who was trying to sell it to a second-hand store. The man initially told the store he would sell it to them for ¥30 (US$0.30), but after they refused, and Jun offered to buy it, the man ended up charging him ¥300 for the knife instead.

Jun felt duped after paying the extra money for the blade, so he went home extra determined to make it as sharp, shiny, and beautiful as possible. He succeeded in his goal, with absolutely stunning results, so take a look at the video to see how he transformed the knife from a rusty old knife to one that looks brand new.

Curious to find out what type of knife this was, Jun did a bit of research online and discovered it’s called a “Hakushi (White Paper) Steel 180 mm Thin Blade.” According to the producer, this is the highest-grade steel tool you can buy in its price range. Given that the knife normally retails for ¥10,480 (US$94), Jun needn’t have worried about feeling ripped off by the blade’s previous owner. At ¥300 (US$2.69), Jun definitely walked away with a bargain!

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