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The 'Fury Road' of Ramen Curry Commercials

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Nissin Foods is best known for its instant noodles, but the company also offers more than, including microwaveable curry-and-rice meals—not to mention famously insane commercials.

While the company's previous curry meals required a microwave, this version can be cooked just like its instant noodle counterpart—by simply adding hot water. Of course, a commercial is needed to advertise this creation, and whatever advertising masterminds are at work behind the scenes at Nissin do not disappoint, bringing the internet yet another crazy commercial that will have viewers around the world laughing—and scratching their heads!

The commercial opens with a literal bang, as a group of extremely happy-looking characters are pushed along through the desert on a mobile couch by the instant curry mascot Curry Meshi Kun, while explosions go off in the background to some intense heavy metal music. The vocalist growls various phrases throughout the video, like, “Yacchimatta na! (Oh no, we’ve done it!),” “Oyu de tsukureru! (You can make it with hot water!)” and “Omaera! Renji wa mo irimasen! (You guys don’t need microwaves anymore!)” Meanwhile, a giant foot kicks Curry Meshi Kun out of nowhere, a doll gets rocketed into the air, and things keep exploding left and right.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the madness, but that really doesn’t matter, does it? Because in the end we’re now really craving some Oyu de tsukureru! instant curry.

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