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Takeshi Miyakawa's Solo Sculpture Exhibition


"Double Motion" by Takeshi Miyakawa

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“Think Small,” which is on view through May 28, 2017, is the antithesis to the common idiom that encourages bold, ambitious and sometimes overzealous actions. Takeshi Miyakawa, a Brooklyn-based Japanese artist, offers another path with his keen and subtle understanding of material and structure. “By addressing familiar functions with novel forms, Miyakawa’s designs compel us to re-calibrate relationships with our tools and surroundings,” says John Doe's curator Kelly Koh.

The Spoon & Tamago team was on-site to see the phenomenal exhibition as well as snap many more pictures. Head there via the link below, and make sure to read the exclusive interview about the time the artist spent five days in a New York City jail for an artistic misunderstanding.

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