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Get Your Hands on Cute Cat-Shaped Bread Slices

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Officially called the Ironeko Bread (neko being the Japanese word for “cat”), these cute baked goods are being offered as part of an Osaka bakery, Blue Jin’s, reopening celebration following a renovation project. The bread doesn’t just look sweet, either, the restaurant promises it tastes sweeter than normal bread too.

Prior to baking, the flour is kneaded in hot water, gelatinizing the starches to draw out more of their inherent sweetness and making the final product soft and springy in texture.

While there’s nothing stopping you from using the pre-sliced pieces of bread to make ordinary sandwiches, their cute shape lends them to edible art projects if you’ve got a chocolate pen handy.

The Ironeko Bread went on sale May 26, 2017, selling for ¥350 (US$3.15) for a pack of five slices, which sounds like a bargain for such a massive cuteness quantity. However, Blue Jin is located on the premises of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, and with all the travelers staying at the hotel passing by the bakery every day, there’s sure to be plenty of competition for the kitty bread, so you’ll want to arrive early to ensure you get a loaf of your own.

For more information about Ironeko Bread, including the shop's location, be sure to click on the full story from SoraNews24!

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