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Japanese Pedal... er, Petal Power in São Paulo

Flowers Natural Japan

The single largest Japanese diaspora in any city is in São Paulo, Brazil. Japanese people first settled there in the Liberdade district in 1912 and has since grown to what is estimated to be 1.5 million. Until May 7, 2017, a fleet of 30 flower-covered bicycles, created by Japanese botanic artist Makoto Azuma, will ride everyday through the streets of São Paulo passing numerous iconic sites—including the Liberdade district where it all began—and giving out flowers to people along the way.

Part performance art, part installation, the 30 “flower messengers” (all of Japanese descent) will cycle around the city highlighting the many stages of plant life cycles. For more pictures and the full story behind this natural show of Japanese love for the city of São Paulo, click the link to Spoon & Tamago below.

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