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Get Back to Nature in Your Own Kengo Kuma Home

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Are you looking to downsize from your expensive city apartment? Or maybe you’re just looking to simplify your life? Well now you can do so in style thanks to a collaboration between famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Snow Peak, a Japanese manufacturer of outdoor goods. Kuma’s "Jyubako" has been in the works for a while. He originally conceived the idea for a mobile home during a trip to the Sahara Desert when he was a graduate school student. Since then he has distilled and perfected his concept. It’s now taken the form of a minimalist rectangular box made from hinoki plywood. When all the windows and doors are closed it can look simply like a large block of wood.

We'll keep it simple and let you know there are more incredible pictures and more details to the story, including how much one of these minimalist beauties would cost, at Spoon & Tamago below.

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