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Super Cheesy Burger Isn't Stretching the Truth


Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria is well known for its unusual and unique burgers, and the new Nobiiru Cheeseburgers are the latest creations. The name Nobiiru comes from nobiru (伸びる, to stretch), and Lotteria wants you to do just that! The crispy fried mozzarella, placed right under a hash brown patty, is packed with a lot of elastic fun. And, surprisingly, this ¥420 sandwich is suitable for vegetarians. However, if you are a self-confessed carnivore, you can opt to get the Nobiiru Cheese and Beef Burger with a meat patty for only ¥510.

These burgers are only around from March 16 - April 5, so get your hands on one, and see how far you can stretch it, before they're gone!

- (Japanese)