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With Love: Top 10 Souvenirs From Yokohama!

Shopping Souvenirs Yokohama Kanagawa

Japan is not just a land for the avid traveler, but also one for the enthusiastic shopper. When in Yokohama, what are some perfect gifts to buy for your loved ones back home? From food to regional objects that boast the Yokohama flavor, here’s a list of Top 10 recommendations of souvenirs to get from amazing Yokohama!

10. Yokohama Renga

Although Yokohama has plenty of new types of souvenirs, and plenty of souvenirs that fade into obscurity, the Yokohama Renga has withstood the test of time and is still popular in the present. Packaged as a brick from Yokohama, this tantalising chocolate cake will melt your loved one's heart.

9. Yokohama Sesame Dango

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Birthed from the Chinatown of Yokohama, these dangos come in three different type of sesames, gold, black and white. Bite-sized and thus easy to eat, these munchy snacks are extremely popular with the kids, perfect for appeasing your kid's sweet tooth.

8. Latitude Momo Brand Souvenirs

This is a present geared more towards the ladies. Latitude momo is a Yokohama brand whose products are made with fine silk. They make a variety of stuff, handbags, charms, pouches, umbrellas, notebooks, scarves, plenty of things to please your other half.

7. Yokohama Chocolate "Red Shoes"

Inspired from a nursery rhyme, these chocolates come in the shape of a red shoe, packaged in a matchbox. The lyrics to the nursery rhyme is included in the package. Tickle the imagination of your children with these amazingly crafted chocolate that gave rise to countless stories.

6. Katsu! Sabure - Kanagawa Daiba Monogatari (Story of Kanagawa Fort)

6. Katsu! Sabure - Kanagawa Daiba Monogatari (Story of Kanagawa Fort)

These are fortune snacks that inherit the history and culture of Yokohama. It is shaped like the Kanagawa Fort built during the Bakumatsu, containing the word "katsu", which means victory, highlighting the wish for victory. Buy these fragrant buttery biscuits to pray for your loved ones' success.

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