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Get 'Spirited Away' by These Photos of Kyoto

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Kyoto is no stranger to breathtakingly beautiful scenes, but recently one photograph has caught the attention of the internet for just how well it captures the essence of the city like a Ghibli film. Reddit user ril3ydx posted a picture in a thread where it immediately blew up and we found a few others that reminded us of Spirited Away!

The Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto, Japan.

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The empty streets, the wooden houses, the Yasaka Pagoda rising up in the background… it all feels like we're about to be Spirited Away!

Ninenzaka, Kyoto || Lovely spot to take in the evening sky...

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Another shot from Kyoto, this time at Ninenzaka.

Ramen Shop || Kyoto, Japan

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This ramen restaurant is one place you wouldn’t want to be caught eating too late, for fear of turning into a pig.

Japanese Dreams || Arashiyama, Kyoto

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This picture of the Arashiyama forest in Kyoto is simply gorgeous.

Of course it's not Kyoto, but this shot of rice growing with Mount Fuji in the background is so picturesque, we just had to include it!

If you want to see more of ril3ydx’s amazing work, then check out his official Instagram page.

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