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Kyoto Studio Transforms Customers into 'Oiran'

Geisha Kyoto Kansai

Welcome to Studio Esperanto, where visitors can experience becoming an oiran courtesan for the day! The studio is located close to Kyoto's Heian Shrine, and is accessible by walking for around 10 minutes from Exit 1 of Higashiyama Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway’s Tozai Line.

So, what exactly is an oiran? According to Wikipedia:

"Oiran were courtesans in Japan.The oiran were considered a type of yujo (遊女) “woman of pleasure.” However, they are distinguished from ordinary yujo in that they were entertainers, and many became celebrities outside the pleasure districts. Their art and fashions often set trends and, because of this, cultural aspects of oiran traditions continue to be preserved to this day."

Studio Esperanto caters to women who wish to experience becoming an oiran for the day. Tag along with Tokyo Girls' Update to see how it's done!

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