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Up Your Origami Game with Laser-Cut Paper

Art Design Origami

While origami can be made from any old piece of scrap paper you have lying around, there are an endless number of bright colors and beautifully printed papers you can find made specifically for folding paper. Or, you can get two art forms for the price of one and combine kirigami, which is the art of cutting paper, with origami. Chiyo Kirigami paper offers nine different laser-cut designs and colors to choose from to give your origami an exceptionally elegant look.

Due to the popularity and high demand for Chiyo Kirigami’s products, they have stopped taking reservations for orders on their website, although you can still place orders in person at their Shinjuku shop location, called Tools, or through this website here for ¥972 (US$8.50) plus shipping for a pack of three papers. Orders will be shipped in the order they have been received as the paper comes back in stock.

If you are thinking of going to the Tools shop, then be sure to click on the full story below to get the store's address.

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