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Akira Fans Eat Your Heart Out

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The zecOO electric bike made a splash online when it officially went on sale earlier this year, though it’s been known by people all around the world as the Akira bike for a few years now.

It looks more like something out of Tron than Akira with this particular paint job, but either way, the bike positively oozes “futuristic” out of every surface! The fact that it runs on electricity, which means full torque basically instantly, is just a nice side benefit. But aside from a color-scheme at home in a Batman film, what else is new about the bike?

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, TS Tech, a company specializing in seats, was showing off prototypes meant for the self-driving cars of our near future. Apparently the experimental seats read people’s brainwaves and change colors, in addition to making other adjustments, based on the driver and passenger’s relationship.

However, for zecOO's motorcycles, TS Tech showed off the next evolution of motorcycle seats. Seats that could automatically adjust as the bike speeds up. Since the rider tends to move backwards in the seat this often leads to an uncomfortable angle, but with the TS Tech-designed seat, the back actually rises, keeping the rider in a comfortable place. It’s an unusual design but seems perfect for a bike that looks as if it were yanked out of Akira.

It’s still a little pricey at ¥8.88 million so we doubt the average Joe could buy it, but perhaps in the not too distant future, you'll see the streets of Tokyo swarming with it.

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