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Japanese Commercials Have a 'Nose' for Comedy

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Japan is home to some of the funniest commercials out there. From this high-kicking office worker with incredibly stinky feet to these high-flying school girls doing parkour, you can find all manner of unique, cool and just plain weird advertisements. We're not sure what to label this one, but it seems to be bringing a few laughs to Tokyo train passengers. Nose irrigation isn't anything new, as many people here suffer from kafunsho (花粉症), or hay fever. However, it's unusual to see someone clearing their nasal passages so publicly... until now!

We commend the model for making it look so enjoyable and easy (perhaps through the aid of CGI), be we recommend not drinking while you watch this video. It'd be rather unfortunate if you laughed at this so hard that your drink spews from your nose.