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Don't Mess With this Office Worker!

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After someone—we assume her boss—drops an enormous stack of files on her desk with only the slightest “Thank you for your help,” this unnamed office woman rises, takes a few paces, and removes her shoes.

Now, we’ve seen enough martial arts films to know some spectacular kicking is about to occur. What we didn’t expect, though, was for almost half a dozen of her befuddled colleagues to fall without her stocking-clad feet even making contact. But before you think the stunt coordinator messed up, the Hyper Kick Lady leaps onto a desk where we see her feet giving off foul B.O.!

The commercial continues as the Hyper Kick Lady stink-kicks her co-workers into submission, ending with the message that our feet produce a cup of sweat every day. And that’s why Kiwi has produced the “Refresh Spray,” which will apparently fill your shoes with refreshingness from toe to heel. We’re not sure how effective the actual spray is, but this is certainly one of our favorite commercials!

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