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Around the World in 400 Days (with a Drone)

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Filmmaker Kaz Yamaguchi and wife Mariko knew that they wanted their honeymoon to be extraordinary, something they could talk about for the rest of their lives together. So, they moved into a small apartment and saved up money for two years. In July 2015, starting in Singapore, the Honeymoon Traveler bloggers began their 400-day backpacking journey—a journey that took them to Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina and 42 other countries. This is the video they created, complete with selfies taken with locals and expansive aerial wide-shots of scenery that only a drone can take. Well, drones. One of the small setbacks was damaging the drones, and it took three to get all of the footage seen here, each estimated at a cost of US$1,000.

They indeed created a beautiful video they'll never ever forget, and neither will we. Watch in awe the wonders of the wide world and if you are inspired to witness their entire journey, the book is available for purchase from Amazon Japan.