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Could the Tomb of Christ Be Hiding in Aomori?

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Located roughly three hours north of Tokyo by bullet train, the village of Shingo in Aomori Prefecture claims to be home to the Tomb of Christ.

With the words, "Ooh, this might piss a few people off," the ever-intrepid Chris Broad heads up to investigate.

Aside from the Tomb of Christ, Shingo proclaims itself to be "Home of historical Romance and Jesus Christ," and also lists the "Skunk cabbage group birthplace" (whatever that is) among its attractions. A helpful sign explains how the locals believe Jesus came to Japan in his youth before returning to Judea to preach. However, he escaped crucifixion when his younger brother, Isukiri, took his place on the cross, after which Jesus returned to the Japanese village and lived to the age of 106. His brother's tomb is located next to his own, and there's even a stone dedicated to the village by the municipality of Jerusalem as a testimony of friendship.

What does it all mean? Chris offers his own theories in the video above. Be sure to stick around to the end for an animated imagining of Jesus' ups and downs during his return trip (which sadly does not involve any walking on the Sea of Japan).