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How to Make Lord of the Rings Origami

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One does not simply take up Lord of the Rings origami. Make sure you've got some time set aside, and be ready to think like an Ent. These will try your patience!

7. Origami Narsil

Make the Sword that was Broken into the Sword that was Folded. No elven smiths required!

6. Origami Eagle

The next time you've got a ring to destroy, just fold up one of these and get the job done.

5. Origami Tarantula (Shelob)

As you fold, kindly keep the light out of her eyes and pointy things out of her belly. If you're lucky, she might not eat you when you're done.

4. Origami Nazgul

This origami Nazgul is sure to terrify any origami hobbits who wander by. If it gives you any trouble, just show it some running water.

3. Origami Wizard

You may need the determination of a Maia—and maybe a ring of hope—to fold this origami wizard from the legendary Satoshi Kamiya.

2. Origami Smaug

Looking for something to do while you lie on your treasure hoard? Why not spend 4 hours folding origami? After that, the video offers an hour of painting and posing work—perhaps to cover up any weak spots?

1. Origami Balrog

How about an elaborate Balrog to go with your wizard? This design from Jason Ku (you can find diagrams here) is based on a combination of Satoshi Kamiya's Angel and Ancient Dragon. After this, climbing the Endless Stair will feel easy!

Bonus: The One Ring?

Invisibility sold separately.