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These Shoes Aren't Made for Walking

Sweets Design Osaka

If you’re a chocolate lover who enjoys the workmanship of an expertly crafted leather shoe, the new “Gentleman’s Radiance” line from Rihga Royal Hotel’s chocolate boutique L’éclat in Osaka is the sweet dream you’ve been waiting for.

With an incredibly realistic finish, each item in this stunning shoe collection displays impressive attention to detail, including perfectly replicated seams, soles and shoelaces.

Each shoe measures 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) in length, and comes with subtle differences in shades of “leather,” with dark, light and red-brown colors available. It’s not only the design but also the lifelike luster of the edible footwear that’s attracting attention from chocolate lovers around the country.

Everything in the collection, including the insole and laces, is made entirely from chocolate, crafted into shape by the boutique’s specialist chocolatier, Motohiro Okai, after a painstaking process to perfect the realistic luster and finish of each piece.

Each pair comes in a set that includes some impressive shoe care accessories, in the form of a shiny shoehorn made from chocolate, along with a tub of “shoe cream” containing round discs of tempered chocolate.

The price tag on these edible shoes is on par with a real pair of quality shoes, retailing for ¥29,160 (US$258.45) each. However, only nine pairs will be made. The chocolate shoes will be available via prior reservation, with reservations being accepted from January 20–February 7, 2016. Delivery is scheduled for February 7-14, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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