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7 Outstanding Origami YouTube Channels

Video Origami

Looking to step beyond paper cranes, but not sure where to go? The seven origami channels below offer a great selection of options that will take you to the next level and beyond!

7. Lawrence de Galan Origami

Lawrence de Galan features a number of fun, largely intermediate-level origami designs, including Pokémon, hearts, stars, animals and even household objects like tables, spoons and nail clippers. He also tries out some intricate designs from advanced origami artists further down in this list like Jo Nakashima and Tadashi Mori, as well as a number of moving "action" origami from Jeremy Shafer.

6. HappyFolding

Sara has a great selection of animals and Christmas ornaments, including a number of modular and tessellated designs, drawing from a variety of sources. Click on "Origami Tutorial" and "Origami Instructions" videos for walk-throughs; "What to Fold" videos are just recommendations for project ideas. She also offers tips on basic origami techniques.

5. Jeremy Shafer Origami

Jeremy is a big fan of origami you can play with. If you're looking for origami toys that move when you push or pull them, or items like paper airplanes, ninja stars and boomerangs, this is the place to go. Jeremy is actually a variety entertainer by trade, so he has plenty of reason to be adept at making paper do the unexpected!

4. Tadashi Mori

Tadashi Mori presents his own designs along with those of other talented origami artists. He offers some really helpful onscreen instructions as well, making his work easy to follow even as it gets complex. His clean, refined designs include quite a few dragons, Pokémon, aircraft, flowers and animals.

3. Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials

Jo Nakashima presents some of the most intricate and delightful origami designs you could hope to see. Videos on his channel include diagrams that appear onscreen as you fold, offering a huge leg up on the process. Jo does some particularly amazing work with modular origami made up of multiple smaller folded components, though most of his pieces are actually just made from a single sheet. Consummately organized, you'll even see videos on how Jo makes the diagrams that appear in his tutorials. Not all of his videos feature his own designs, but they're all incredible!

2. Henry Phạm - Origami Tutorials

Henry is epic. He offers up almost exclusively his own original designs, ranging from the simple to the super-complex, including dragons, swords, flowers, animals, anime characters, superheroes, Pokémon and more.

1. Kade Chan

Kade Chan is a professional origami artist from Hong Kong. His designs are more than a little insane, including Godzilla, Aliens, and some of the most intricate dragons you'll ever see—not to mention instructions on the basics. The only challenge is that he doesn't always reveal the instructions for his designs, so be careful before you get your heart set on making one! (The Alien is there, though!)