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How to Make Star Wars Origami!

Video Star Wars Origami

The Force may be strong with you, but how are you with the folds? Here are eight delightful—and increasingly complex—options for populating and equipping your Imperial and Rebel forces. Just follow the video instructions!

8. Origami Stormtrooper

This origami Stormtrooper is so adorable, we're sure any droids he's looking for would be tempted to turn themselves in.

7. Origami Star Destroyer

Just a seven-minute fold for this Star Destroyer means it's sure to be ready in time for the arrival of the Rebel fleet.

6. Origami TIE Fighter

You don't have to speak Spanish to follow the instructions for this origami TIE Fighter. Just make sure you get that grid started right! Que la Fuerza te acompañe!

5. Origami Kylo Ren Lightsaber

If you're planning on turning to the Dark Side, you'll need a raggedy old lightsaber. This one can do the trick! Focusing crystal not included.

4. Origami X-Wing Fighter

If you've made origami cranes, the Force doesn't need to be too strong with you to pull off one of these origami X-wing Fighters! Effect on origami Death Stars not guaranteed.

3. Origami Millennium Falcon

You'll need 30 minutes for this one. But she's got it where it counts—down to the radar dish!

2. Origami Yoda

Fold Master Yoda, think you can? On-screen diagrams, very helpful you will find! When finished, carry him on your back you must.

1. Origami Darth Vader

This brilliant design is from gifted origami YouTuber Tadashi Mori. It will take 45 minutes, but you didn't really want to take the easy path to the Dark Side, did you?