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Stunning Artworks Made with One Sheet of Paper

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Mentions of kiri-e, the Japanese art of paper cutting, date back to the Nara Period (710-794). Japanese kiri-e artists like SouMa continue to push the envelope as to what one can accomplish with a craft knife and paper, not only intricately cutting the paper itself, but also folding it to give it depth.

The self-taught paper-cutting master shows off her masterpieces online, like this glowing crown, cut and folded out of a single piece of paper, just like all her works.

A beautiful rose complete with magical streamers that's also a just one piece of paper!

No glue, staples, or anything else taints the final product, in this case the Eiffel Tower.

When asked about how she first started doing 3-D kiri-e, SouMa responded: “It’s not that I decided one day to just start doing 3-D kiri-e. I just felt it was the way to make the pictures I imagined inside my head come alive.”

And come alive they have. One of SouMa’s biggest artistic themes is “freedom,” which can be seen in motifs she uses such as wings and feathers in her pieces.

Nothing says freedom more than a clock without any hands to tie you down.

But some of SouMa’s most impressive pieces are of people, like this classy lady.

Or this happy-looking one exploding with freedom symbolism.

Hey, do you want to guess what this dress is made out of? We’ll give you just ONE, SINGLE (piece of paper) hint.

If you’ve fallen in love with what you’ve seen and your eyes are hungry for more, check out SouMa’s official website and Twitter. You can purchase pre-made pieces or order custom ones at her website, meaning your dream of owning a life-size Goku made out of a single piece of paper can finally come true!

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