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Eat in the World of Final Fantasy XV

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Another attractive carnivorous option is the ¥1,350 roast beef sandwich. Like the burger, it comes with a metallic arrow holding it together.

Keeping the whole thing moist and mouth-watering is a side of sweet barbecue sauce, which you can pour into the sandwich or use as a dipping sauce if you feel like eating the meat with a fork or adding some extra zest to your cheese potato.

Speaking of dipping, since we’d finished all our meat, we figured we’d earned another dessert, so we selected the ¥850 (US$8.25) “special dip pancakes,” which come with whipped cream, maple syrup, strawberry syrup and anko sweet beans. They were all so tasty that we completely forgot about the pats of butter on the plate until we’d finished all of the pancakes.

As mentioned above, the Square Enix Café has an extensive drink menu, with soft drinks, cocktails, beer and even whiskey. While your first, included-in-the-over-charge drink doesn’t come with one, subsequent orders get you a special coaster featuring one of Final Fantasy XV’s four main adventurers, represented in old-school bitmap form.

Seating at the Square Enix Café is done in pre-set time blocks, each lasting for 90 minutes. As we paid our check, we found out that the food we’d ordered had earned us a collection of luncheon mats (one featuring Ignis for the cake, and three with a Yoshitaka Amano promotional painting for the sandwiches and pancakes).

Technically, reservations are required to dine at the Square Enix Café (they can be made online here), and on our visit, every seat was occupied (anyone can browse and make purchases at the gift shop, though). However, in the event of no-shows, lucky fans can get a table without a reservation, although you’ll want to line up in advance, and also double-check with the staff at the entrance if you’re trying this approach. Certain late-night time blocks may also be opened up on a first-come, first-seated basis, with such announcements made on the restaurant’s website. There’s also a take-out counter set to open soon, although with a very limited menu.

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