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Eat in the World of Final Fantasy XV

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But while there’s plenty of awesome stuff to see and buy, this is first and foremost a restaurant, so after gawking at our surroundings for a while, it was time to order some food and drinks. There’s a ¥500 (US$4.85) per-person cover charge, but that gets you a starter drink, with selections including even alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and draft beer.

While a server will take your first drink order, after that you can request additional items by using the tablet that’s provided for each table.

In celebration of Final Fantasy XV, the Square Enix Café has recreated a selection of the edible items that appear in the game, each of which is associated with a specific character. Since cake is always a good idea, we decided to try the ¥600 (US$5.80) banana pound cake, which was just about exact in appearance to the digital version whipped up by bespectacled cooking enthusiast Ignis in the game’s promo videos. While it looked a little plain, the cake was moist and flavorful, and the sort of thing we’d be happy to regularly eat if they sold it at our neighborhood bakery.

But you can’t make a whole meal out of sweets—because then you’d have no room for hamburgers, and the Square Enix Café makes a fantastic one. At ¥1,350 (US$13.10), the avocado burger is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s made with premium Joshu beef from Gunma Prefecture. You also get tomato, grilled onions and a Caesar dressing-like sauce, which is a surprisingly delicious choice of condiment for a burger.

Square Enix is known for a putting plenty of polish on its products' visuals, and replaces French fries with the stylish substitute of half a baked potato, slathered with cheese, as the burger’s accompaniment.