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Take off on a Fun Tandem Paraglider Flight

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Strap in with a veteran instructor and fly through the sky! Each flight is different, from exciting low altitude hops to relaxing birds-eye sightseeing flights.

First, you'll fly over the Tonegawa riverbed or the gliding field near the tour company's office for about 15 minutes, starting with a low-altitude flight. This is the perfect chance to take pictures of your friends enjoying the flight.

Once you're ready, lift off for a higher altitude sightseeing flight and get a real birds-eye view of the area! The total time for the activity is about one hour per person, with plenty of photo opportunities.

Rules & Restrictions

Rules & Restrictions

Children six years old and over can participate in this activity. Please bring any water and snacks you would like, as there are no nearby convenience stores if you come by train. This activity is conducted in Japanese and the schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or traffic conditions.

For full details on this exciting tour, click on the link to Veltra below.