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Beginner-Friendly Kendo Lesson in English

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Kendo is one of Japan's most famous and beautiful martial arts and now you too can experience a bit of life in the dojo with this fun kendo experience. Taught in English, you will get a good overview not only of the sport itself, but also its roots in Bushido (the Way of the Warrior).

The day begins from 7:30-8:00 a.m., meeting at JR Uguisudani Station (or a hotel pick-up when possible). After checking in at the kendo dojo, you'll first have an armor instruction module (20 minutes).

After learning about each part of the kendo armor, you'll put on each piece, assisted by your instructor before learning a little bit about the history and the role of the samurai in Japanese history.

After a 30-minute session practicing striking, you can take up your bamboo sword and learn the proper posture, how to hold the sword and the basic movements. After getting used to handling the sword, you'll experience striking an opponent while wearing the full armor.

For a special treat, you'll get to witness a sword demonstration performed by your experienced instructor. See professional swordsmanship up close! And finally, you'll get to face off against a fellow opponent to get a feeling for what a real kendo match is like!

Head on to Veltra via the link below and awaken your samurai spirit.