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The 5 Top-Searched Hotels in Tokyo

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Japan’s capital of Tokyo is the most popular travel destination in the country. Lovers of culture and history, nature adventurers, urbanites and subculture fans—everyone loves Tokyo. Check out these sought-after hotels when staying in the city!

5. Godzilla’s in town! Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

5. Godzilla’s in town! Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

Just 5 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station by foot, you will definitely have no problems finding Hotel Gracery Shinjuku – just look for a huge Godzilla emerging from the roof!

Aside from the standard rooms available in the hotel, the Godzilla View Room and Godzilla Room will bring you to the exciting world of monsters. In the Godzilla View Room, you get to see the full scale Godzilla head you saw from below. It feels as though the realistic statue might start destroying the hotel at any moment! The Godzilla Room, on the other hand, will welcome you with a smaller Godzilla statue as well as various tricks and surprises, such as a huge hand smashing through the walls behind the twin beds. Not only do precious posters and blueprints decorate the room, those who stay in the Godzilla Room will receive exclusive medals and souvenirs from the hotel.

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku has staff members that are able to communicate in English, Chinese, and Korean, as well as Japanese, allowing foreigners to have a pleasant and smooth transaction. It is a great place for those who are planning to explore the Shinjuku area, especially if you are a fan of Godzilla! Robot restaurant is very close from this hotel. Why don't you consider that too?

4. The ART Hotel – Park Hotel Tokyo

4. The ART Hotel – Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo is based on the ART concept – Atrium, Restaurant, and Travel. Located in the Shiodome Media Tower, Park Hotel Tokyo has an art lounge on the 25th storey that gives you a magnificent view of the whole Tokyo city, Tokyo Tower, and, if you are lucky, Mount Fuji. There are also galleries within the hotel that have exhibitions based on the seasons.

Park Hotel Tokyo is famous for the "artist rooms" that are decorated by renowned artists and interior designers. Each room is designed based on a different concept, such as Japanese festivals, sumo wrestling, signs of the zodiac, and dragons. One of the concept rooms is the “Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish”, as seen in the photo. The surreal room has goldfish painted over the walls and ceilings.

Park Hotel Tokyo is a popular choice among tourists – over 90% of the users are foreigners. If there is a specific room you want to stay in, you have to call the hotel directly to book rather than doing it online. With an interesting concept and fantastic views, Park Hotel Tokyo is definitely worth considering.

3. Palace Hotel Tokyo – cycling around the city

3. Palace Hotel Tokyo – cycling around the city

Palace Hotel Tokyo is only an 8-minute walk from Tokyo Station, the nucleus of Japan. In its vicinity are popular destinations such as the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Nihonbashi (meaning Japan Bridge), a historical and famous bridge in Japan.

Palace Hotel Tokyo was first built in 1961 in preparation for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and was newly reopened in 2012. The 23-storey-high building no doubt provides you with everything you need from an accommodation – a comfortable room, fantastic services, and convenience. There is also a restaurant that serves Japanese, French and Chinese cuisines – you need not step out of the hotel to look for dinner.

However, despite its fantastic location, travelling around all the tourist sites may be a difficult task – walking is tiring and public transport insidiously empties the wallet. Palace Hotel Tokyo has the perfect solution for you – cycle! The hotel offers bicycle rentals that will allow you to explore the Tokyo area comfortably. Afternoon tea is also served within the lobby lounge after your journey around Tokyo.

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