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How Hot Do You Want Your Beef Curry?

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Glico's Lee beef curry is pushing to be hot in more ways than one! Released in June 2016, this commercial features actress Honoka Matsumoto sweating profusely as she eats her way through a spicy plate of beef curry. She has one word: "Umai" (Delicious). Hot indeed!

The commercial also plays with the reading of the kanji/hiragana combination 辛い, which is normally read karai, meaning spicy. With the alternate reading, Glico seems to be suggesting that spicy is just another word for delicious!

19-year-old Matsumoto made her acting debut in a web movie in early 2015, after which she has a handful of other credits in a Toei film, a music video and a pair of dramas on Fuji TV. As a relative unknown, this eye-catching performance had some online desperate to find out who she was!

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