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Light Up Paper Cities with the Stroke of a Pen

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Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko, which is involved in many fields including electrical and telecommunication, has released a new video featuring an AgIC pen, which allows you to draw ink that instantly conducts electricity over paper.

The charming artistic appeal of the pen is illustrated in all its glory in this short promotional video, called “Future with Bright Lights.” The producers based some of their ideas on children’s pop-up books, with the soothing flow and relaxing music gently inspiring you to create your own electricity art.

AgIC's twitter account also posted some some examples of posters made using ink like that found in the AgIC pen. The poster on the left utilizes the traditional feathered arrow Japanese pattern design, yagasuri. The other depicts a shippo design, which literally means "seven treasures."

The AgIC pen can be purchased online from Amazon Japan for ¥1,296 (US$12.88).

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