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4 Luxurious Hotels in Nago, Okinawa

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4 Luxurious Hotels in Nago, Okinawa

The largest city on the northern part of Okinawa's main island, Nago is known for its beaches, its subtropical environment, and for being the first place to get cherry blossoms each year—in January! Located about an hour north of Naha by car, you'll find a clutch of incredible hotels lining the edges of Nago an Oura Bays.

4. Kanucha Resort

The Kanucha Resort has a garden pool designed to look like a coral sea, an indoor pool so you don't have to worry about the weather, and a beachside pool right next to Oura Bay.

Of the three, the most elegant time can be had at the beachside pool. Sip cocktails under white parasols and just relax as the hours melt away. If you're staying for a few days, you definitely have to spend at least one of them just doing nothing! This is the Okinawa experience done right.

3. The Terrace Club Wellness Resort at Busena

Cape Busena is surrounded by clear blue seas and azure skies. There are two hotels where the land juts out into the ocean: The Terrace Club Wellness Resort at Busena, where you have a great view of Nago Bay, and The Busena Terrace, which faces white, sandy beaches and a coral reef.

The Terrace Club Wellness Resort at Busena stands on the eastern side of the cape overlooking the bay. It's a prime location, with the bay and sky filling your view from the veranda, and the sounds of the waves in your room. The rooms face east so you can fully immerse yourself in the glorious morning sun.

2. The Busena Terrace

On the same grounds, but on the west side of the cape, stands the Busena Terrace hotel. Here you can watch the sunset to the sound of live saxophone music. The view can even be enjoyed by non-guests at the many shops on the shopping floor, or just by visiting the lobby, which stretches out to the sea.

The hotel also features an underwater observation tower surrounded by coral reefs, allowing you to step under the waves without getting wet. This is one of the island's few resort hotels offering long-term stays, and with its scenic ocean views, varied marine sports activities and countless areas to explore, you're sure not to get bored!

1. The Ritz Carlton Okinawa

The Ritz Carlton Okinawa offers ocean views of Nago Bay while surrounded by the beauty of a tropical forest. With red-tiled roofs emblematic of Okinawa, walls that use Ryukyu lava rocks, abundant water and paths touched by gentle breezes, everything will make you want to stay as long as you can.

This hilltop hotel was developed alongside an illustrious golf course and spa. If you open the window in your room, the ocean is right there! Then head to the open deck space to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the view, with an infinity pool that melts into the background of Nago Bay, blue skies above coupled with tropical forests below.