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How to Hatch an Egg Without Its Shell

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Some years ago, Japanese researchers published an exciting finding in a science journal that a chick could be hatched using a shell-less embryo, which became a total game-changer for scientists looking for ways to study how chicks grow during their developmental stages and how to conserve abandoned or damaged eggs from endangered species of birds.

One class at Oihama High School in Chiba Prefecture, however, elaborated on this strategy using a piece of Saran wrap to hold the fetus and provide just the right amount of oxygen flow, in addition to providing it with calcium and water.

A video of the experiment, which was recently broadcast on national television, quickly caught international attention, and it’s not hard to see why after watching the video above. For a full translation of the video, you can check out this Facebook video from the fine folks over at Spoon & Tamago.

The experiment requires a lab and a sterile environment, so for now it isn’t something that can be replicated at home—but that just goes to show how talented these students are and how incredible their success has been!

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