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Onsen with an Ocean View

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Michitekuru Kokoro no Shuku Kichimu—located in Chiba’s Kamogawa City—boasts an impressive panoramic view of its hot springs overlooking the ocean. "Kichimu" comes from the good dreams that believers are said to have at nearby Tanjoji Temple—but for city-dwelling onsen lovers, the shuttle bus from Tokyo for ¥1,000 is the dream!

Paradise Within Reach

Kichimu Inn rises next to the tranquil Kominato Bay, about an hour and a half from Tokyo on the west side of the Boso Peninsula. It’s a pleasant hot spring and accommodation facility where you can enjoy the sound of the waves. 

Kominato Onsen was developed in 2003 together with Kamogawa Onsen. The water there is colorless, odorless and rich in bicarbonates, which are believed to have a positive effect on treating skin diseases and exhaustion. It’s also good for those suffering with allergies. Your skin will feel great after you take a bath in this water!

The inn’s pride, however, is the 35-meter-high (115-ft) panorama hot spring pool that overlooks the tranquil Uchiura Bay, giving you the feeling that you’re soaking in the sea. Here you can enjoy relaxing in water that reflects the entire sky. The sea breeze will embrace your body and you'll feel better than ever!

An Amazing View!

Both the top floor and the one beneath it have hot spring pools. There are various indoor baths, including a stone bath, a cypress bath and another one with a jacuzzi, and you can enjoy a different view from each pool. 

The open-air bath offers a splendid view toward the sunset in the sea. You can enjoy your hot spring vacation to the fullest with all the great sights visible in the course of one day: the fresh blue sea in the morning, the red sky during sunset, the stars in the evening and the jet black sea lit only by small fishing boats.

The pools have different sizes, which make them suitable for the entire family. This inn is great for family gatherings and celebrations!

A New Way to Relax

While watching the majestic ocean from a relaxing Japanese-style room remains the highlight of Kichimu Inn, a new building with Western-style rooms and comfortable Simmons beds opened in March 2014. It’s also suitable for solo travelers, as one night costs less than ¥10,000 (US$93.40)!

The Western-style rooms offer the same high level service as their Japanese-style counterparts. There are many amenities, free mineral water and different yukata sets for a pleasant stay. And if you’re staying in the main building, you can choose your room type. Some have a private hot spring bath, while others provide a fantastic view of the ocean.

Local Ingredients

Even though Kamogawa City is on the sea, it’s also famous for producing rice. The buffet breakfast has dried jack mackerel fish, simmered seafood, squid sashimi and other sea delicacies, original dishes with local Boso chicken and many different vegetables. You'll struggle if you try everything at one go! The chef will prepare egg dishes and clam miso soup in front of you, so be sure to try them fresh and hot. 

From 6 a.m. you can freely participate in the Buddhist sermon that takes place in Tanjoji Temple, just across from Kichimu Inn. Take the map offered at the inn and explore the mystical town where the founder of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism was born. This will open your appetite for the delicious breakfast that'll charge you with new energy.

An Unbelievable Bargain

Since October 2014, a shuttle bus connects Tokyo's Hamamatsucho Station with Kichimu Inn for just ¥1,000! You can also make a reservation through the inn and buy a round-trip ticket for ¥2,000.

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