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Don't Be a Stick in the Mud!

Ramen B-Class Gourmet Shoryudo Aichi

All the dishes at Oiwatei are made using a tonkotsu pork broth. Only here, the soup is so dark and thick it adds a whole other dimension to the meal—earning it the nickname: “mud-based ramen.”

With its hand-written signage, Oiwatei doesn’t attract much attention from passersby, yet business remains solid thanks its "mud-based ramen."

Customers have been standing their spoons in their bowls to prove just how thick the soup base really is, with many ramen aficionados claiming it to be the thickest broth in the country.

While there are a variety of ramen dishes on the menu, distinguished by different toppings like spring onion, seaweed, and chashu braised pork, all of them contain the distinctive thick tonkotsu soup base.

This is definitely one of the most unique, must-try ramen dishes in the country. To see how it’s made, check out the short clip above from Oiwatei’s television appearance.

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