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The Kyaraben Behind the Cover

| Bento , Autumn Cuisine

According to, a kyarabenist is anyone who loves making mealtime fun by decorating rice and making kyaraben, or character bento. The site is about more than highlighting a selection of delightful creations, however—it's first and foremost about teaching people how to become a "kyarabenist master!"

Ukiyo-e & Mona Lisa Bento: Edible Study Guides

Check what your kids studied yesterday—then Google it and use the content to make a memory-reinforcing bento! These cute study helpers were prepared by Tomomi Maruo.

Eat The Big Bad Wolf Before He Gets Little Red Riding Hood

The Big Bad Wolf didn't have big enough teeth to keep from getting fried up and inserted into this bento! We're sure Cinderella and Rapunzel are on their way as well. This all-the-better-to-eat bento was prepared by Tomomi Maruo.

A Halloween Bento Full of Seasonal Ingredients

Color the streets with pumpkins and chestnuts—and with Halloween bento, too! Backed by an evil little Jack-o-lantern, this adorably wide-eyed black cat is sure to draw out those seasonal feelings. Terrifyingly cute bento by Chiho Jindo.

Can't Swing a Kyaraben? Try a Kyaraburger!

Creative as your creations might be, your kids will still eventually get bored of bento every day. So why not spice things up with a bear-shaped kyaraburger. Bring out screams of delight with this design by Emiko Numahata.

The New Wave of Maki-zushi: Deco-zushi!

The New Wave of Maki-zushi: Deco-zushi!

Decorative sushi? Deco-zushi! Great for parties or putting into bento, these cute characters are sure to be a hit anywhere they appear! From Make! Eat! Be Happy! Deco Sushi Roll published by Boutique-sha, Inc.

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