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A Delicious Way to Beat the Rainy Season Blues

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One of the reasons Starbucks has become such a success in Japan is the chain’s enthusiasm in adapting to the local practice of offering special limited-time menu items. This June is no different, with the coffee company selling cheesecake in Frappuccino form.

The Baked Cheesecake Frappuccino goes on sale June 1, 2016 at Starbucks locations across Japan. Mixed into the cream-based drink you’ll find bits of graham cracker cake crust, and the whipped cream topping is exclusive to this new Frappuccino, with a flavor and color reminiscent of the browned top layer of a baked cheesecake.

The newest member of the Frappuccino family is priced at ¥610 (US$5.60) for a tall size, and will be sticking around until July 1, 2016, making it a tempting choice for people looking for a respite from the hot and humid conditions during Japan’s merciless rainy season.

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