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Out of all of premium beef you can find in Japan—like Kobe beef, Yonezawa beef and Yamagata beef—perhaps Matsusaka beef, a black cattle-based meat, is considered the most luxurious. However, only the luckiest have tried it, since Matsusaka City, located in Mie Prefecture, usually limits its beef exports outside the area each year.

To really get a taste for it, it’s best to go there yourself. You might think that eating some premium beef means that you'll be paying a pretty penny, but at the locally well-known yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) restaurant chain Isshobin, that won't be the case. Although Isshobin has different locations, the Miyamachi location serves its meat—including Matsusaka beef—conveyor belt-style.

Unlike your average conveyor belt sushi restaurant, however, all of the plates move within a case, which requires pushing a button at your seat to open it and retrieve the dish.

Isshobin has all of your favorites like karubi (short rib meat) and tan (tongue), but the Matsusaka beef, priced at a very reasonable ¥300 (US$2.75) a plate, is the dish to dive in for.

The prices for other Matsusaka beef dishes range from ¥350 (US$3.17) for the Matsusaka horumon (offal) to the cream of the crop, a big hunk of Matsusaka beef priced at ¥1,150 (US$10.44).

If you ever find yourself in the area—or are dying to try a conveyor belt style yakiniku restaurant—we definitely recommend you make your way over to Isshobin to taste it for yourself!

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