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The Force is With these 6 Star Wars Bento

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A long time ago in an island nation far, far away, there lived a people who loved making bento box art. You might even call them bento Jedi. As you can see below, the Force was strong with them.

6. R2D2 and C-3PO Bento

While the possibility of successfully constructing this bento is approximately 3,720 to one, it's clearly been done. Extra points if there's an overweight glob of grease hidden somewhere underneath R2.

5. Jawa Bento

Jawas—never around when you need them. Like right now, to tell us what this bento is made of! There’s cabbage and tomato, but can we just pretend the earth is cookie dough and his body is chocolate crepe?

4. Stormtrooper Bento

This looks so amazing you might hear a Wilhelm scream from anyone who doesn't get a taste! The simplicity is what takes the cake with this bento. When it aims for your stomach, it will actually hit.

3. Chewbacca Bento

The person who made this probably has a certificate in pasta arrangement, if that’s a thing. The veggies look great, but the noodles might be a little ... CHEWIE!

2. Death Star & Stormtrooper Bento

Such detail on the sandwiches and apple! And you know what they say: “An apple a day keeps Alderaan away!”

... Too soon?

1. The Empire Strikes Bento

Nori (seaweed) father and son duke it out over tamago (eggs) and some delicious-looking cherry tomatoes. If he'd been around while Luke was growing up, perhaps this is the kind of bento Vader would have made for him on a school day.