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Check Out this Cute Hello Kitty Café in Himeji

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Hello Kitty is one of those characters that is just too cute not to love, so it's always a pleasant surprise to find her in places we would least expect—like on the way to Himeji Castle, for instance!

For travelers planning to take a nice day trip to Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture and venture to one of Japan's most beautiful castles, you'll have the opportunity to walk through a shopping arcade filled with great souvenir shops and adorable cafés, including the cutest one of them all—Café de Miki. This Hello Kitty café can be found very easily if you take the east exit from JR Himeji Station, which leads you right into the arcade. With its sweet kawaii exterior you can't miss it!

For more details, visit Zooming Japan below and take a look at all the yummy and delightful surprises that await you at this café!

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