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4 Sakura Vocaloid Songs for Spring

J-Pop Cherry Blossoms Music Video

The best time to visit Japan is during spring, leaving behind the cold and welcoming much more comfortable weather. Blossoming sakura (cherry trees) all across Japan is a sign that spring is here!

The ephemeral blooming of the sakura symbolizes human life, and Japanese people love to celebrate in groups by holding "flower viewing" parties known as hanami. The season is also the start of the new school year, college graduates start new jobs, and it’s the start of the new fiscal year for Japanese businesses.

Because of the love for sakura and the things they symbolize, they're a very popular theme when it comes to Japanese music. Many Japanese artists have at least one song dedicated to cherry blossoms, and the Vocaloid genre is no exception.

1. Kurousa-P — Senbonzakura

The most popular sakura-themed Vocaloid song is none other than Kurousa-P’s "Senbonzakura." The song is so popular that it has been covered by famous artists such as the Waggaki Band and enka singer Kobayashi Sachiko.

Here's the amazing Wagakki Band cover we just can never get tired of!

However, there are also many other amazing sakura-themed Vocaloid songs out there, and here are some of our top picks!

2. Hachioji P feat. Hatsune Miku — Sakura Saku

Hachioji P’s "Sakura Saku," featuring Hatsune Miku, will get you ready for school.

3. Amatsuki feat. Itowokashi — Sakura no Jumon

Itowokashi and Amatsuki will cast a spell on you with their song Sakura no Jumon.

4. Sakura Uta Miko — Sakura Uta

Finally, we have Sakura Uta Miko and Chie’s "Sakura Uta." Which is your favorite?

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