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Animatronic Dinosaur Train Station Rampage

Shoryudo Fukui Hokuriku

Japan is relatively free of such potentially dangerous predators as wolves and mountain lions, and while there are bears in certain regions, in most parts of the country the scariest wildlife you’ll ever encounter are the jumbo-sized crows that hungrily eye the bags of curbside garbage on trash pickup day. So we imagine whoever shot the following video was surprised to show up at the train station and see what looked to be a full-sized Allosaurus in front of the turnstiles.

Apparently the whole thing was a promotional event for Dino-A-Live, an animatronics exhibition that lets visitors feel like they’ve met a real, living dinosaur. Dino-A-Live shows are most commonly held in Fukui Prefecture, the center of the Japanese dinosaur community, but the expo has also traveled to Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Akita.

Dino-A-Live describes its goal as creating dinosaurs that can walk freely, swing their tails, roar, and bite. That last one seems like it might have been slipped in there by a disgruntled employee seeking to defame the company, but rest assured, Dino-A-Live’s creations have no qualms about straight up putting a dude’s head between their teeth, as demonstrated by the above video of a show in Fukui’s Katsuyama.

For the terrifying train station rampage, click below!

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