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A New Kind of Kitty Café Opened in Shanghai

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Shanghai’s first “authorized Hello Kitty-themed restaurant,” called Bistro Bianco Hello Kitty, is open for business and ready to serve you everything from Hello Kitty-branded drinks to these delightful treats.

The restaurant is split between two floors, with the first floor being where customers wait to be seated and the second containing the dining area. The proprietors also set up the first floor with plenty of Hello Kitty goods straight from Japan for you to buy while your stomach grumbles. Hey, no one ever said Sanrio doesn’t know how to make money!

The lines can get pretty long, but thankfully there's a place where you can wait.

She’s ready to guide you up the staircase leading to the dining area...

...where you can dine on delectable dishes and sip on soda.

There's even a Hello Kitty tiramisu!

So the next time you're in Shanghai and want to rest your weary legs while satisfying your sweet tooth, head over to Bistro Bianco Hello Kitty. For store information, including hours of operation, click on the full story below!

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