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Matcha Isn't Just for Tea

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The respected tea specialists at Itohkyuemon are bringing “vin au thé vert” (green tea wine) to the market as part of their “Yokan no Midori” (Midnight Green) range of alcoholic beverages that have a hint of green tea flavoring.

Created in collaboration with Kyoto’s Tamba Wine company, the unusual beverage incorporates a white wine base along with the finest powdered tea from the city of Uji to create a vivid green drink. The flavor combines the faint bitterness of matcha with the soft acidity and sweetness of grapes to produce a delicious, refreshing aftertaste.

The sweetness of the wine is said to pair well with meals, especially those with vegetables and fish.

And it can also be enjoyed on ice or with soda for a Sangria-style drink that pairs well with cheese, fruits and sweets.

With an alcoholic strength of 12 percent, the wine is available in 300-milliliter (10-oz) bottles for ¥1,296 (US$11.50) or 500-milliliter (17-oz) bottles for ¥1,944 ($17.20).

For customers who prefer their alcoholic matcha with chocolate, Itohkyuemon also has a gorgeous green tea chocolate liqueur on sale until May 24.

The rich green drink, which can be enjoyed straight, on ice, with milk or even as a hot cocktail, comes in 500-milliliter bottles for ¥3,175 ($28).

And for those who prefer to blend green tea with Japan’s more traditional alcoholic beverages, there’s the gorgeous Matcha Umeshu plum wine which comes in 200-milliliter (6.8-oz) bottles for ¥1,360 ($12) or pretty 500-milliliter bottles (pictured) for ¥2,608 ($23.10).

And the beautiful Matcha Junmaishu, which incorporates Japanese sake made without added alcohol or sugar, comes in 180-milliliter (6-oz) bottles for ¥1,360 ($12) or dew-drop shaped 500-milliliter bottles for ¥3,628 ($32.15).

All these green-hued drinks in the Yokan no Midori range can be purchased online here for delivery within Japan. Alternatively, you can check out the range in person at any of their three stores in Kyoto.

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