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5 Weird Beauty Products that Look Like Torture

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My favorite part of Don Quijote is their beauty aisles. Picture this: rows and rows of fake eyelashes, weird beauty products that look suspiciously like torture devices, and awkward makeup—in between sets of "form correcting socks" and expensive wrinkle cremes in glass containers.

So, in order from most horrific to least horrific, I present: Five weird Japanese beauty products from Don Quijote that look suspiciously like torture devices.

1. The "Little Face Corset"

No really, I invite you to read the name of this one more time. The "Little Face Corset" is exactly what it sounds like—a soft, pink corset for your face that promises to make it smaller (and therefore cuter).

And no, that's not it above—that's No. 2, the "Hourei Lift Bra." Find out what these things are about at Texan in Tokyo below!

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