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Muslim Women Model Beautiful Lolita Clothes

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Pictures of young Muslim women incorporating Japanese Lolita fashion with their traditional hijab head scarves have been exploding in popularity online. Could this start a new trend among idol groups and cosplay conventions?

The women were said to be inspired by Japanese Lolita fashion when they saw the cute outfits which, thanks to the long sleeves and lengthy dresses, wouldn’t go against their religious requirements.

Alyssa Salazar, one of the popular posters, had this to say in an interview about how she got involved in the Lolita fashion community:

“I feel more welcomed into the Lolita community than in the Muslim community. They actually wanted to get to know me. They invite me to stuff and they interact with me at those functions. I met my best friend through Lolita.”

Alyssa also runs a Tumblr, The Hijabi Lolita, where she posts pictures of herself in various Lolita outfits. Above are some of the photos of her showing off her cross-culture collaborations.

The color of this hijab perfectly matches her turtleneck and heart-shaped turquoise bag and platform sneakers.

Adorned in pearls and light purple hues, she's cheerfully going about her day with her rainbow shooting-star bag.

It’s worth noting that these photos don’t originate from the Middle East; they’re actually photos of women in England and California. But you’ve got to start somewhere. Hopefully, the trends they set will pick up momentum in other regions around the world.

We can't wait to see more of this fantastic blend of cultures in the near future!

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